AI Powered Narrative Design
Go from ideas to cohesive storylines, complete game worlds, compelling characters, dialogues along with relevant artwork fast!
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Narrative Design

Guided by AI

Generate unique stories from your ideas.

Collaborate with AI to build your characters, plots, game worlds & narrative. Explore different game worlds complete with locations descriptions, NPC & objects that players encounter.

Automatic image generation

User select their styles and our AI auto generates all the art work from game locations, to characters to scenes in consistent styles.

  1. Choose your style
  2. Select images you like
  3. Generate consistent artwork
Lighting Fast. Just start with an idea and see how fast it evolves
Ideas to images.
Imagine, create, no limit.

People are creating amazing games

Explore with just an idea

Unleash your creativity and explore endless possibilities for your game narrative with AI. Seamlessly transform your ideas into captivating stories along with images, allowing you to easily bring your imagination to life.

Design your game worlds

Create vast and immersive worlds with ease. Build a wide range of game settings, from sprawling fantasy worlds filled with magic and mythical creatures, to dystopian sci-fi landscapes full of advanced technology and alien life forms. Rapidly iterate on the settings you love & build to create fresh and exciting gameplay experiences.

Compelling characters, engaging conversations

Craft characters with greater depth, emotion, and intelligence than ever before. Build complex personalities and motivations, to create more engaging experiences that resonate with players.
Automatically generate abundant cohesive dialogue with your storylines, to create a more engaging conversations between players and game characters.

Aiken is revolutionizing the field of AI image generation with its innovative solutions.

Our AI algorithm uses its trained knowledge of image creation to generate a unique image that meets the your specifications and expectations.

Start your journey

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A old ship sailing through space
Planet made out of gold
A super hero anime girl
Long hair samurai with katana
A old ship sailing through space